Periódico digital del Colegio "Villa de Móstoles"

Thanksgiving 2017

Edel McEvoy (Coordinadora de Inglés y tutora de 3.º E.P.)

As part of our bilingual education programme here at Colegio Villa de Móstoles, we delight in the celebration of traditions that come from English speaking countries. During the month of November, all of our students have been preparing for the holiday of Thanksgiving widely celebrated in the USA. At this time, Americans gather together with family and friends and give thanks for all of the joys and blessings that they enjoy. The language assistants that work with us in our school, prepare activities with all the classes in primary school, so that children gain experience with different aspects of the holiday.

In first and second classes, we enact the first Thanksgiving between pilgrims and native americans where children learn about the importance of friendship and sharing. They exchange little presents and they do different crafts about the typical Thanksgiving foods.

In other classes, we do activities about another famous aspect of this holiday which is the Macy’s Day Parade, where children learn about the typical balloons, floats, marching bands that feature throughout the parade and how it ends with Santa to mark the beginning of the Christmas season.

More comercial elements of this holiday have filtered through to our society. I’m sure everybody has heard of Black Friday, which is the Friday after Thanksgiving( this year celebrated on the 24th Nov.)Many people rush to the sales on this Friday without realising that it is related to Thanksgiving. So, it’s nice to see, children learning about a new holiday, understanding its importance and its real essence, which is one of gratitud for the good things we have. We take a moment and give thanks for our family, our home, our school, our food, our toys, our town, and special moments that we have lived.



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