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European Parliament Ambassador School programme

Ana Jiménez and Blanca Salvador (Secondary Education English Teachers)

After months of hard work, we can say that our school has become an Ambassador of the European Parliament. This project has allowed us to know more about the institution in the EU, mainly the Parliament. The project has been carried out by the students of 4th ESO and 1st Bachillerato lead by the English teachers Blanca Salvador and Ana Jiménez.

Last April, as part of the activities of the Cultural week, we had the opportunity to listen to Tom Morgan currently works in the EU Parliament, representing Britain as a political analyst. He explained to us what the EU Parliament is in charge of, and all it entails. Our students were delighted with this activity because they were able to ask Tom about different current topics that they were interested about, like refugees, Brexit and education. “The best thing about this experience was his way of answering our questions, widely and in detail. Tom Morgan has an optimistic view about the future of the EU and he was able to transmit that to us.” Carlos Gil, students of 1stA.

Last Friday 9th June, we were invited to the European Parliament Office in Spain to collect the plate that name the school Villa de Móstoles as an Ambassador School, and the certificates for all the students participating in the project. The teacher Blanca attended  the event with one of the students, Marina Godino (4thESO). There, the teachers from different school shared their experiences with the project and they had the opportunity to listen to Jonás Fernández, a European member of the Parliament, who talked about the importance of fostering this project.

Thanks to this new title, next year the school will be able to apply to more different and interesting scholarships to know a little bit more about the EU. One of the main reasons why the school will continue with the project is to get the most of it for the students.


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