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Project based learning in TPR: Tangram

Alicia Cívico, Camino Blanco, Ana Corredor, Celia Sánchez, David de la Víbora and Lucía Sánchez (T.P.R. students of ESO-A)

One of the projects that pupils studying T.P.R. in ESO have done is a tangram with a composite material made with paper, plastic and foam.

The tangram is a game of patience and logic which was originated in China. It is maybe one of the oldest games in the world and it consists of seven pieces called “tans”.

We did not only learn how to play the games in class, but also how to practice maths with it, so we have worked about perimeters and surfaces in a very creative way.

Our teacher´s aim was to teach us that if we always use the same pieces, the surface will be the same, but the perimeter would change depending on the figure created. This means that, if we make a compact figure like an apple, the perimeter will be smaller than if we make a snake, but surfaces will remain the same.


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