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XXXV Cultural Week – Bilingualism Day

Nuria Fernández Flores (Profesora de Inglés)

Passion, collaboration, enthusiasm, effort, team work…. has been the incessant tune heard in our school all along this week. Tuesday was the day dedicated to Bilingualism and plenty of activities were organized around this theme. Students at Secondary level could take part in CLAP, a theatre play performed in English. After that, they had the chance to meet Alberto Alonso, the famous member of Vaughan’s crew who passed on his passion towards learning languages through an active, hilarious and handy way. Alberto led the students in participating in the session so they could get his book “English everywhere” and, they did it with flying colors!
Later on, in the afternoon, our teaching assistants Byron, Katherine, Bethany and Maryam prepared a series of playful activities so they could put in practice their oral and listening skills.
At tea time, Elena Villafranca and Nuria Fernández ellaborated a “Cupcakes and cookies workshop” in which students from all stages were provided with fondant, icing sugar, chocolate flakes, etc so they could decorate their sweets. This tradition comes directly from United Kingdom where children often bake shortbread, biscuits and muffins as a play-date activity and they indeed had a great time.
It was such a rewarding experience to see how our students enjoyed every single activity that we hope to be up to scratch in the future Cultural Weeks to come.

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