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Valentine’s Day

By Arianne López y Nadia Rodríguez, Students of English Culture, 3º E.S.O. D

Valentine’s Day is a traditional celebration in the Anglo – Saxon countries that has been popularized in other countries during the twentieth century. It is celebrated on the 14 th February and couples express their love to each other.

Looking back to the origins of the celebration, we have to travel to the third century after Christ; we would find Valentine who was a priest, evangelizing in Rome. The Empire at the moment was ruled by Claudius II, who decided to ban the celebration of marriages for young people.
The priest thought that it was unfair so he celebrated secret marriages for these young lovers. During the celebrations, he gave plenty of flowers to the couples, which is the reason for flowers to be very important and a common present on St. Valentine’s Day.
The emperor Claudius II discovered these secret celebrations and ordered to kill Valentine so he was executed on 14 th February 270 AD. Since then, that date is known as Valentine’s Day.

In the United States of America, Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday. Government offices, stores, schools… are opened following their usual timetable. Lots of presents are sold the previous days. The most common gifts given are: flowers, chocolates, candy, teddy bears, lingerie and champagne. However, some people use the occasion to give to their partners lavish gifts such as jewellery. Undoubtedly, the most popular gifts are cards. Valentine’s cards are often decorated with images of hearts, red roses or Cupid and obviously a love message for the person who is given the postcard to.
Valentine’s Day is also a very popular date for weddings so you can see lots of couples getting married in this special date.

Kids take part in this day too, in many American elementary schools, students use handcraft items like coloured markers, construction paper, velvet, foamy, glitter and glue to handmade fashionable cards for their parents. Elementary students also distribute candy and small Valentine’s Day cards to other students in their class.

Hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day sharing your love with your family, friends or lovers!

San Valentín

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