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AND THE OSCAR GOES TO… A honourable English teacher: Juan Carrión Gañán

Nuria Fernández (Profesora de Lengua e Inglés)

The English teacher who inspired many of us.

Vivir con los ojos cerrados (David Trueba) is one of the selected films to represent Spanish film industry in the ceremony of Oscar´s film awards which will be held in February, 2015. This film contains an inner message behind which has a lot to do with current English learning.

David Trueba’s film is shot in Almería, Andalucía and set in the decade of 60´s. It tells the story of Juan Carrión; an English primary teacher whose passion is teaching this foreign language through the music of the most popular British pop band ever: The Beatles.

Spain, 1966. John Lennon travels to Andalucía to participate as an actor in Almería mini Hollywood scenario. Unhesitatingly, Juan Carrion buys a ticket and gets there in order to fulfil his purposes: Get to know Lennon and request him to include the lyrics on Beatles records, since it would help his students to understand English language in a better way.

Once the difficulties of the trip are overtaken, Carrión manages to find Lennon and spend some time together. They immediately fitted in; John showed Juan some of his private lyrics, played guitar together, chatted for a few hours and exchanged their addresses. Several months later, this daring teacher sends him a letter and, surprisingly, John answers him back including a present: “Dear Juan, Thank you for your letter. I am enclosing our new record, which I hope you all like, and please, don´t mention money- It is a pleasure to send you our work. Best wishes”. John Lennon

Since then and, thanks to Carrión´s devotion to the search of a motivating methodology and to English language itself, we have been able to learn it in a more proper way. From that moment, The Beatles included the lyrics of their songs in their albums.

This full of passion, fellowship and dedication story was brought into reality by a humble English teacher from Cartagena. We may have not heard about this key fact till today but the pursuit of a dream and the persistence is a lesson we must have in mind today.

Thank you, Juan.


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