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Some curious facts about Sherlock Holmes

Elvira Paz (Tutora de 3.º E.P. y Profesora de Francés en ESO)

The consulting detective created by the Scottish writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his loyal companion John Watson are two of the most beloved characters in the history of literature and have inspired different films and TV series. Their stories have also contributed to the mysterious image of Victorian London, where crime appears to be around the corner and take place around the clock.

It’s highly likely you’ve heard of Sherlock Holmes, and perhaps you’ve read some of his cases, but did you know about these facts?

  1. Sherlock Holmes is the most-filmed human character ever (he has appeared in 226 films) but not the most-filmed character if you include non-humans (Dracula has appeared in 239 films, but he’s part-human, part-vampire).
  2. Sherlock has never said “Elementary, my dear Watson”. He says “Elementary!” and “my dear Watson”, but never together.
  3. The Sherlock Holmes museums is at 221B Baker Street (London) because it officially bears that address, but it’s physically located at number 239 because the building lies between 237 and 241 Baker Street. If you visit the museum you can find, among other interesting elements related to the character and the stories, letters addressed to Sherlock by fans, such as the one shown in the picture below.
  4. Sherlock Holmes is believed to have inspired the character of Doctor House: both are really good at    deduction; both use substances to escape from reality; music is very important to both of them (Sherlock plays the violin and House plays the piano; both very frequently); their surnames are quite similar (Holmes/House, and Dr. Watson/Dr. Wilson), and both live at number 221B of their street!

Carta Sherlock Sherlock


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