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Places students would like to visit: California

Marina Acedo (2.º ESO A)

One of the places I would most like to visit is California: a flashy and interesting place situated on the South-West of the “big country”. California is a huge state, but you can organize a road trip that allows you visiting the most important cities.

Starting from San Francisco (“Frisco” as they call it), you can take the coast road to San Diego. Along the trip you can find some interesting spots: surfing towns like Santa Cruz or Santa Barbara.

Halfway you arrive at Los Angeles, where there are famous beaches such as Malibu or Santa Monica. Be careful and do not visit downtown, where Staples Stadium emerges, at night. It can be dangerous. From Los Angeles, drive south to San Diego, half American and half Mexican, with a lot of green zones.

Continue your trip driving up inside to Vegas, a stunning resort city for gambling. It is also famous for its hotels; one of the best known is the Venetian for its reproduction of the Italian city.

The road back to San Francisco is a seemingly endless road with amazing landscapes on the sides. It is worth to visit the Death Valley National Park and Yosemite.

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  1. Al realizar este trabajo, he aprendido mucho de Califlornia. Recomiendo hacer un reportaje a todo el mundo 😉


  1. Places I enjoyed visiting: West Cliff Drive at Santa Cruz (California) | ElDigitalTintero – Colegio "Villa de Móstoles"


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